Koibito no Jikan

Koibito no Jikan
Koibito no Jikan Rating: 4/5 - 69,860 Reviews.


1-2) Lover's Time Whilst Seitarou has finally come to terms with the fact that Naoyuki and him will always be friends and nothing more, he is feeling a tad lonely and is looking forward to a new love. By chance, he met the beautiful and charming Hiroto through Naoyuki. Thinking that he has finally found a new love candidate, he tries to get to know more about him, and what he found completely belies the beautiful exterior... but is that all that there is to the complex Hiroto? 3) The Important Thing EX Also found in Takaramono. 4) Promise The second story is about deep in debt private detective Yuzu who hired by a client met Atsuya a high school boy. What will happen when he learns this boy is not what he thought he would be? Oneshot also found in Takaramono. 5) The Things I Want to Tell You Continuation of Promise. 6) Knock the Door Continuation of Chapter 5. 7) Afterword

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