Maria Lives Upstairs

Maria Lives Upstairs
Maria Lives Upstairs Rating: 4/5 - 57,116 Reviews.


"I love you, Maria"
After suddenly being confessed by a naive high-schooler, Hikaru, Ikuto "Maria" Maruya could not stop thinking about that awkward but unexpectedly strong boy. He doesn't want... to hurt his feeling. Although Hikaru is doing his best to get close to the mature Maria, Maria only think about Hikaru's feeling as temporary as young male puberty! Facing Maria who always avoids his feeling, Hikaru then decides to change his plan...

"Maria Lives Upstairs" (volume 1) and "Monday Maria" (volume 2) are a pure BL romance series happens under one roof! Will Maria and Hikaru finally understand and accept each other in spite of their own insecurities? Will their relationship be free from other residents' disruption?

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